Real Estate Agencies and Dematerialization

Real Estate Agencies and Dematerialization: What Solutions?

Digital transformation represents a crucial step for the real estate industry. Threatened by administrative sluggishness, upgrading their work tools has become a necessity for real estate agencies. The goal is to respond to the new constraints, such as widening the targets and the diversification of communication channels. The solution? Dematerialization of processes and document digitization.  (more…)

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irispen air 3 travel translator

World Tourism Day: Be the perfect tourist thanks to our digital pen!

World Tourism Day: Do you want to stop being the annoying tourist that asks everyone for directions? The one who asks for meals’ translations at restaurants? Well, this article might interest you: Using the right tools can help you cope with the overwhelming feeling of being abroad in an unknown culture. The IRISPen™ Air 3, a smart digital pen, is one of them. Discover how it can help you be a better tourist for #WorldTourismDay! (more…)

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Back to school portable scanners

Back-to-School tips: How portable scanners can make your life easier!

Back-to-school season means transitions & new challenges! You’re either starting a new year in high school, college, university,… Or you might be getting ready for a new job. One thing is for sure: you need some new supplies & gadgets to be fully prepared. Here’s how portable scanners can make your life easier during this stressful time! (more…)

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Students Studying Exams Scanners IRIS

5 amazing ways portable scanners can help you while studying for exams

Whether you’re in high school, college or university, the months of May and June are often the start of a daunting time for students: the exam period. However, there are many ways in which tech can make it less stressful for students to revise efficiently. In this article, you’ll discover 5 ways portable scanners can help students get prepared for exams! (more…)

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Sapins de Noël "Do It Yourself"

DIY Paper Christmas Tree tips (or how to give waste paper a second life!)

What could you do with all those old paper sheets piling up on your desk? You could scan those, of course – easy as ABC with IRIS’ scanners. What you can also do is: get extra creative and start creating your own little DIY Christmas trees! It’s a great and simple way to give a second life to your bulky stacks of waste paper. Here’s a small tutorial inspired by artsy French blogger, Anna Pika. Read more to get into the Christmas spirit! (more…)

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Searching for information

Searching for information in the era of information overload: a few tips!

Information overload – have you ever heard about it ? It’s a quite common phenomenon (especially for office workers) : we’re dealing with way too much data & information. Emails, attachments, scans… You’re probably dealing with dozens of these on a daily basis.

The main challenge is to stay organized and still be able to retrieve information quickly. But that is an increasingly difficult task, due to the massive amount of information we all receive & send. Here are a few tips to avoid drowning in data and, consequently, wasting time! (more…)

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Spring Cleaning at Work IRIS

Spring cleaning at work: tips to keep a clutter-free desk

Spring is here! Sun is shining, flowers are blooming – perfect time to have a fresh start at work! Spring cleaning your work space is crucial if you want to get productive. Ideally, spring cleaning shouldn’t be a once-a-year task (and a daunting one!). You should rather learn new habits to be organized – and ultimately turn it into a lifestyle. Here’s a few tips to get started.  (more…)

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