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Spring cleaning : Now is the perfect time to organize your files

Spring cleaning your workspace & documents is crucial to stay productive. Do you find yourself having lots of free time on your hands lately ? Perfect – Here are some tips to spring clean your desk and get the most out of your documents.

Spring cleaning, a great way to be productive

Now is the perfect time to reorganize your desk. Tidying up will boost your morale and make you feel good about yourself. The easy first step is to get rid of items that are unnecessary: useless cables, old post-its, pens and so on… That will empty messy drawers in no time! Then comes the time to sort out your numerous stacks of paper documents. Let’s go!

Don’t let your documents pile up

We all are guilty of letting documents pile up once in a while. A good habit to avoid this situation is to have a small paper basket on the corner of your desk. Use it for short term archiving only – these “pending” documents should be digitized quickly. We advise you use a portable scanner to capture them once a week. This tip will avoid stacks of paper documents getting out of control.

Scan your papers as soon as you can

Forms, letters, invoices,… Your workspace is probably filled with them. These stacks of papers are often messy and disorganized, making it difficult for you to retrieve information. Clutter is keeping you from being productive at work and making you stressed. As previously said, this problem can be very simply solved by digitizing important paperwork regularly.

Get rid of this bad habit! By purchasing a compact scanner for your desk, you are investing in your productivity. There are various types of portable scanners – one for every scanning need! Forget about cumbersome flatbed scanners. Portable scanners are much more trendy and compact. Once scanned, organize your files in back-up folders.

Handle your digital files the smart way

There’s no way around it : everyone has to go digital nowadays. Stop waiting and make use of all the cutting-edge technology that’s out there! Did you know OCR solutions are able to digitize paper documents and help you have a clutter-free workspace? They create digital copies of your paper documents while maintaining their original layout & content (while keeping them editable).

State-of-the art OCR is embedded in the software Readiris. This is IRIS‘ flagship software and it is world-renowned. You can use it with almost any scanner – simply launch it and it will digitize your documents into the smart files of your choice, thanks to a very wide range of export formats (PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, HTML, MP3 and more).

And… Repeat! Make an habit out of it

IRIS helps you maintaing good digital habits, by providing you with the best hardware & software out there : Portable scanners, OCR & PDF software, scanning & capture solutions, apps and much more. Visit us at : www.irislink.com

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