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Teleworking : the IRIS tools you need !

For the last several days, thousands of employees have had to work remotely. For many, it has completely revolutionised how they work, but it hasn’t been insurmountable by any means. We at IRIS (Canon Group), a leader in Information Systems, have a dual objective: to help our customers with their transition to a paperless environment, and to improve their productivity in an ever-more digital and dematerialised world.

Whatever your occupation, when working at home you need to be equipped with tools that will meet your professional needs. With this in mind, IRIS has classified its portable scanner solutions into major professional categories, to allow quality telework under the best possible conditions.

Jobs in the logistics sector

The IRISPen™ scans the printed text whilst you use it like a highlighter pen, scanning line by line. Simply place the mouse cursor in the application of your choice. After you highlight them, the text, small icons, barcodes, and numbers you have scanned will automatically appear as you go along, in the cursor location in the open application.

Jobs in the sales & communication sector

The IRIScan™ Book is a standalone wand scanner that glides across any document (bound or not). Simply glide the scanner across the document to instantly obtain a high-resolution, editable digital image thanks to Readiris™ software.

The IRIScan™ Mouse is a smart 2-in-1 product: a scanner AND a mouse. Every time the user wants to scan a document, they can simply click the scanning button on the side of the mouse and glide it over the area concerned or the whole paper document. The data will then be exportable simultaneously in JPEG or PNG format, modifiable PDF, or a TXT or docx format.

Healthcare professionals

The IRIScan™ Express & Executive and IRIScan™ Anywhere Wifi are sheetfeed scanners. Simply slide the page you want to scan (prescriptions, medical reimbursement forms, etc.) into the device, and it will come out scanned in a few seconds. With a simplified interface, these scanners are compact, can go anywhere, and certain models can even be used without a computer.

Teachers / Estate agents

The IRIScan™ Desk and IRIScan™ Desk Pro are ideal camera scanners to dematerialise books up to A3 size, as well as all paper documents. In addition to scanning, they integrate simultaneous multi-camera video recording (camera scanner + webcam). This makes it easy to share your explanatory videos whilst simultaneously showing your work materials for perfect interaction with your audience.

Jobs in the legal & justice sector

The IRIScan™ Pro 5 is an ultra-high performance duplex desktop scanner. It lets you scan up to 23 pages per minute! It comes in two other versions: one incorporating semi-automatic document classification software (IRISmart™ File), and the other incorporating a solution to manage and easily validate supplier invoices and expenses (IRISmart™ Invoice).

For more information about our products, visit : www.irislink.com

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