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Travel tips: How portable scanners will help you have hassle-free holidays!

Travel tips: these are always useful to prevent any issue and ensure your holiday begins stress-free. In this article, you’ll discover how smart devices such as portable scanners can help you be more organized while travelling. Interested? Read on!

Travel tip #1: Keep a digital copy of your bookings, passport,…

If you want to avoid stressful situations such as: not finding your passport in your wallet while boarding or losing the address of your hotel, you might want to scan all of these important papers! This is easy as ABC thanks to fast portable scanners, that will turn all your important paperwork into PDFs, fully compressed and indexed. Keep those in your smartphone and you’re good to go!

Travel tip #2: Scan your favorite pages of any travel guide

Sometimes, you just want to travel in the lightest way possible. Having to carry around all your maps and travel guides can be very annoying. If you want to avoid this, use a portable scanner to digitize all your favorite extracts from travel guides. You can then keep these safely in your smartphone as easily retrievable files!

Travel tip #3: Scan travel souvenirs, Polaroids & share them instantly

Would you like to keep a digital trace of your entry ticket to the Empire State Building as a souvenir? Or simply that printed flyer you received while visiting a museum? Maybe you took some pictures with a Polaro├»d camera and you would like to share them? All of these are possible thanks to portable scanners. In a few seconds, you’ll have everything digitized and ready to be shared!

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