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World Tourism Day: Be the perfect tourist thanks to our digital pen!

World Tourism Day: Do you want to stop being the annoying tourist that asks everyone for directions? The one who asks for meals’ translations at restaurants? Well, this article might interest you: Using the right tools can help you cope with the overwhelming feeling of being abroad in an unknown culture. The IRISPen™ Air 3, a smart digital pen, is one of them. Discover how it can help you be a better tourist for #WorldTourismDay!

The IRISPen translates any line of text to many languages

This smart digital pen allows you to scan and recognize text in over 130 different languages – a very wide range of languages! Simply slide the highlighter over any line of printed text, it will then appear as digital text on your smartphone or tablet. Perfect for frequent travelers and people who wish to avoid awkward situations in foreign countries. This pen is a real translator, available at any time, anywhere.

The IRISPen recognizes complicated alphabets (Chinese, Russian,…)

As previously stated, the IRISPen recognizes more than one hundred languages. It includes complicated alphabets such as Chinese, Japanese and even Russian! Its powerful recognition engine makes it possible to travel stress-free in the most remote corners of the earth. A real life-saver abroad!

The IRISPen talks out loud for you (thanks to its text-to-speech feature)

The IRISPen includes an amazing “text-to-speech” technology that turns any scanned text into audio for you to simply relax and listen to! It can easily translate and read text aloud in 40 different languages. This is an ideal feature to pronounce things with the right accent and make yourself understood by everyone.

Interested in having a great travelling companion that helps you cope with foreign languages?
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