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Back-to-School tips: How portable scanners can make your life easier!

Back-to-school season means transitions & new challenges! You’re either starting a new year in high school, college, university,… Or you might be getting ready for a new job. One thing is for sure: you need some new supplies & gadgets to be fully prepared. Here’s how portable scanners can make your life easier during this stressful time!

Back-to-school tip #1: Scan you back-to-school supplies checklists

Thanks to our incredibly fast single sheet fed scanner, the IRIScan™ Anywhere 5, you will be able to digitize your numerous back-to-school supplies checklists instantly! By doing so, you will have digital copies in your smartphone or in the Cloud – accessible anywhere you go! Perfect to avoid omissions and mistakes while going shopping!

Back-to-school tip #2: The mouse-scanner will be your new best friend

A mouse scanner is undoubtedly a good investment for students (or students’ parents). By simply swiping over your paper document, it will suddenly appear on your screen and be 100% editable (Word, Excel). The IRIScan™ Mouse will sure be a great time-saver : avoid any retying work and share paperwork to classmates in a few clicks.

Back-to-school tip #3: Always take notes with a digital pen and avoid retyping anything

During class, many students still use a pen to take notes instead of using their laptop. Which is good, since writing by hand is proven to help students remember and understand more efficiently. You can have the best of both worlds by using the IRISNotes™ Air 3 : it has the exact same characteristics as a pen (standard ink & paper), but it digitizes everything you’ve written!

Back-to-school tip #4: Make any school document digital & editable instantly

Every student has faced this struggle at least once: having to modify or edit a printed paper/document. Start using an OCR & PDF software such as Readiris™ 17, and have all of your documents made 100% digital! From paper documents to digital files(JPEG, BMP, PDF,…) : a vast majority of these will be turned into Word, Excel, Txt files in a snap.

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