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5 amazing ways portable scanners can help you while studying for exams

Whether you’re in high school, college or university, the months of May and June are often the start of a daunting time for students: the exam period. However, there are many ways in which tech can make it less stressful for students to revise efficiently. In this article, you’ll discover 5 ways portable scanners can help students get prepared for exams!

1. No more retyping quotations for your essays

Thanks the IRISPen™, a cutting-edge digital highlighter, you’ll never have to spend long hours retyping quotations while writing your essays. Just slide the highlighter over the lines of texts you need to digitize. These will immediately appear in a Word document. This is a great time-saver for students currently writing long essays or, even more so, for anyone writing their thesis.

2. Have your textbooks read out loud to you

Many portable scanners integrate an OCR software. Optical Character Recognition makes it possible to extract any scanned printed text and make it 100% digital. You can then easily edit it – to correct mistakes and so on. Readiris™ 17, IRIS’ OCR software, can even go as far as reading any text out loud to you (as an MP3 file): sit back, relax and listen to your textbooks!

3. Forget about the library’s photocopier

As students, you’re probably spending a lot of time at the library. Borrowing course books and other academic literature is a task any student has to deal with during its studies. You might also have to use a photocopier to keep a digital trace of the sources you’re using. Make it a thing of the past, by simply using a portable, autonomous book scanner, such as IRIScan™ Book 5!

4. Scan texts & pictures with the snap of a finger

Portable scanners come in many shapes & forms. The most compact and smart one might be the well-known mouse-scanner (2-in-one, e.g. IRIScan™ Mouse). By using such device while revising, you’ll always have a scanner at your fingertips. It will certainly come in handy as you may want to share images, paragraphs or handwritten notes to your classmates!

5. Automatically digitize your handwritten notes

Are you spending long hours retyping your handwritten notes taken during classes throughout the academic year? You could avoid this very time-consuming task by using a digital note taker in class (such as the IRISNotes™ 3). This pen recognizes any handwriting and will instantly turn it into digital editable text. In a few clicks, your notes can be converted in a Word or Text file!


Still not convinced IRIS’ scanners will help you get productive during exam season?

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