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Business cards software: Why you need one

Let’s be honest: who actually has an updated and perfectly ordered database of their contacts? Well, we’re only human. Discover how a business card software can help you!

Business cards software : Paper business cards are not going anywhere

The good old-fashioned business card first made its appearance in Europe during the 17th century after printing took off. Before long, it had become popular in private circles and artists were even commissioned to create attractive designs.

Right from the outset, cards served a dual purpose: to inform and make an impression, to be noticed. Rather than simply bearing your name and address, a card’s look was already important. In fact, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York houses the largest collection of what Americans refer to as ‘trade cards’. The earliest collector of this type of card was Hippolyte Destailleur (a French architect, collector, book lover and art historian), who sold his collection to Baron Ferdinand Rothschild in the late 19th century.

Ever since, the use of cards has shown no signs of wavering. The business card market is in great shape, so much so that the established etiquette is to exchange cards automatically as a social gesture. The business card is and will remain a fundamental communication tool. Having said that…

Business cards : The way they’re managed has changed!

Business cards and their customization, whether striking or traditional, are not about to disappear, but the way they’re stored and filed has moved on considerably. In practical terms, what benefit can you derive from a business cards software

  • Business cards software tip 1 : You can do what you want with the business cards once you’ve scanned them
  • Business cards software tip 2 : Export them straight to a database or address book
  • Business cards software tip 3 : Manage your contacts by sorting them automatically according to your needs
  • Business cards software tip 4 : You can also keep the design, chosen with care, of the cards collected

For more information on the technology used by this tool, read our article on OCR or Optical Character Recognition.

How to choose your business card software

Acquiring a business cards software is all well and good, but it shouldn’t be just any old one. It’s best to go for one with comprehensive functionalities for a wide range of uses. It’s worth checking the following criteria:

  • Does its recognition function work for multiple languages?
  • How effective is the business cards recognition software?
  • Managing contacts should be simple and compatible with most commonly used programs.

IRIS’ business cards software  is a must-have in this area. Discover it now!

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