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How technology can help students, parents and teachers

Assistive technology has long been proven successful. However, school remains one of the places where it is under-represented. Between excessive expenses or lack of knowledge of existing products, there are many examples that justify this situation. Today we will give you an overview of our product range suitable for schools.

How can assistive technology help students, parents and teachers?

Assistive technology greatly facilitates learning, regardless of the level of the student. The tool must therefore be adapted to the problems encountered by the students. As for teachers / parents, it becomes much easier to communicate around lessons and exercises. The personalization and continuity of learning (from the classroom to home) will be one of the keys to the child’s success while learning. The tools that you will discover below are affordable and designed to meet many needs!

IRIScan™ Book

The IRIScan Book family is one of our flagship ranges. It is easy to scan any document type. Whether you want to scan a magazine, a book, a sheet, a notebook… the IRIScan Book will work! Simply swipe the scanner up and down on the page. In a few seconds, the job is done! The result will be a digital copy in high definition (up to 1200 DPI). Thanks to its OCR software, you can even easily edit it in Word, Excel, PDF… Then you can easily classify it in any digital storage system.

IRIScan™ Mouse

You haven’t heard about the IRIScan Mouse yet? It is an ideal everyday companion! It consists of a very clever two-in-one device for two uses: it is a mouse AND a scanner. Whenever you need to digitize something, simply press the button to start the scan. Drop it on top of what you want to scan and scan the space to scan. The software shows what you scan live on screen. You literally have a scanner at your fingertips! With a resolution of up to 400 DPI and a scanning capacity of up to A3, nothing will resist you. It is the ideal tool to send an exercise or a lesson to a student or a parent.

IRIScan™ Anywhere

This single-sheetfed scanner, the IRIScan Anywhere, is ultra compact, autonomous and battery powered. It is very useful if you want to digitize loose sheets. In class, it makes it possible to group together several subjects at the same time and to scan without a computer! Available in WiFi version, you can scan up to a 1200 DPI definition.

IRIScan™ Executive et Express

The IRIScan Executive and IRIScan Express are also single-sheetfed scanners; the Executive is the Duplex version. They work by being connected to a computer by USB and are compatible with a wide range of software (TWAIN compatible). With them you will be able to scan at up to 8 pages per minute, making it one of the fastest scanners on the market! Plus, they can be operated with a single customizable button – With them you will be lightning fast!

IRISPen™ Air

The IRISPen is a great learning tool! Simply use it like a highlighter. To do this, identify the sentence that interests you, slide the IRISPen over it and it will be digitized instantly. The scanned sentence can therefore be modified digitally or integrated into any document. The possibilities are endless! You will be able to translate any line into a multitude of languages ??(more than 40 recognized languages). It is also possible to use text-to-speech to read the sentence aloud. Learning languages ??becomes incredibly easy with this tool!

IRIScan™ Desk

With IRIScan Desk, you will be able to digitize books very quickly! This allows you to scan a double-page of a book in 3 seconds only. Once digitized, you can use the digital book as you see fit and the rendering is even ePub compatible. In addition to its scanning capabilities, this desktop scanner helps you creater live or recorded virtual lessons – It couldn’t be easier : film yourself explaining your lesson and perform the demonstration under the scanner’s camera. This is of course compatible with video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc.

Make your choice !

No matter the issue, one of the many IRIS’ scanners will meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to purchase any of these products. Whether you are a teacher, parent or student, they will help you on a daily basis and subsequently make your life easier!

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