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How to optimize your electronic document archiving

The issues surrounding your data, whether personal or professional, are important. In 2020, the trend is clearly linked to the dematerialization process within companies. How can someone assess the time to devote to it, and the security that the process will generate? Between new regulations and directives imposed by many authorities, we will here take a look at the important questions to be asked before starting a digitization process.

Optimizing your document archiving : What questions should you ask yourself ?

If the archiving of your documents is a key issue, whether it is for you or for your company, we are going to give you some food for thought on how to get it right. Before any new installations or choosing a service provider, you must ask yourself the right questions.

– For a company:

  • Is my data saved, in the event of a failure or incident on my servers or that of a third party?
  • What is the process in the event of accidental or intentional data leaks?
  • Is my installation protected from external attacks?
  • If we endure data losses, what is the process to follow?
  • Did the company follow legal guidelines?
  • Do we risk legal proceedings for mismanaging our documents?

– For employees of a company or users of a third-party service:

  • Before accessing my data, am I asked for a single, double or no identification at all?
  • Is there a system for recovering my data?
  • Am I alerted in real time if an intrusion or hacking is spotted?
  • Do I have control over the classification and archiving of my data?
  • Can I request the complete erasure of my data easily if I am the owner?

All of these questions are important and must be answered. For a long time, businesses and individuals have underestimated the importance of documents archiving and processing. If a problem does arise, it can go as far as totally shutting down businesses with enormous financial losses.

Optimizing your document archiving : Innovative solution exist!

As an individual user, you can increase your chances of keeping your files safe by simply using a scanner that will meet your needs, as well as an external hosting service.

As a company, work with professionals who have both the certifications and the experience to make this tedious task as fast and secure as possible!

IRIS’ mission regarding your document archiving :

At IRIS, our mission is to help individuals, businesses, administrations and institutions transform valuable information into actionable digital data. Our technology makes data easy to archive, share and integrate into any business application.

We are able to support our customers through every step of the digitalization process – from dematerializing documents to automating workflows.

Our range consists of portable scanners, PDF & conversion software as well as advanced solutions for optimizing business processes (capturing, indexing, classification, electronic document management, etc.).

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