Word Paper Free Day

Go 100% paperless for World Paper Free Day!

Tomorrow, November 6th, we’ll be celebrating World Paper Free Day! It’s the perfect time to reassess how much paper we really need in our daily lives. Many innovative solutions and tools can help us go paperless, including IRIS’ scanners & softwares. Our motto : Less Paper, More Content ! 

On November 6th, it’s officially World Paper Free Day (AIIM): an annual one-day campaign to raise awareness around the large quantities of paper used in vain on a daily basis. It’s the perfect occasion to promote paperless tech solutions. That’s when IRIS comes into play!

IRIS is known for its portable scanners & conversion software, Readiris™. Both of which can help you go paperless by turning your papers to digital data! As worldwide leader in mobile scanning and OCR, we are focused on offering seamless digital solutions that help you thrive in an increasingly paperless world. Our scanners enable you to get rid of paper while our softwares, Readiris™ and IRISmart™, make converting and archiving files easy as ABC!

IRIS‘s products have been sold all over the world (+30 millions customers). Our clients include public organizations (Ministries, European Union, etc.), international companies, local businesses and many households. These entities now have the needed tools to optimize their archiving processes and avoid using piles of paper on a daily basis. Our motto is simple: Less Paper, More Content. 

Are you interested in a paper-free lifestyle ? Don’t wait any longer :

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