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Software registration wizard: Update on the corrupted list of countries

Here is an update about the corrupted countries’ list on a HP registration wizard (Readiris for HP).

Dear customers,

One of our customers informed us earlier today that certain countries were missing from a drop down list in one of our software registration wizards. After investigation, it appears that a product registration wizard of a previous Readiris version for HP (Readiris 14) has been corrupted.

The country list in that wizard is not mentioning the correct complete country list, as it is used in our other registration engines. This bug results in not listing multiple countries (like France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Spain, Japan and others).

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or offence that may have been caused.

At IRIS, we strive for a neutral, respectful and ethical behavior towards any individual, culture, religion and country. Therefore, we wish to highlight that we do neither intend to publish incorrect information, nor exclude any country from our registration interface.

As a result, we immediately implemented a fix – available by clicking here  – that allows all users to access the complete uncorrupted list of countries.

Should you notice any kind of unethical or not respectful information in one of our products, please inform us via [email protected] and we will address it in the best and most professional way.

Thank you.

Best regards,

The IRIS Team

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