Mouse scanner : the IRIScan Mouse!

IRIS’ mouse scanner is a worldwide exclusivity !

IRIS is now positioning itself as a worldwide exclusive player with its all-in-one mouse scanner: the IRIScan Mouse Executive 2. This 2-in-1 portable scanner is ideal for scanning and archiving documents of all kinds, quickly and easily.

Mouse scanner benefit #1 : Scanning a document is incredibly easy

Scanning is always within reach thanks to this all-in-one mouse scanner! It’s easy to use, just slide the document to be scanned under the mouse scanner. Then click the scanning button on the mouse, and glide is across the document until the whole thing appears on your screen. When you are not scanning a document, the mouse scanner works like a normal mouse.

Mouse scanner benefit #2 : Easily export and edit your content in Word, PDF, or TXT

This mouse scanner can scan all types of document: letters, articles, newspapers, photographs, cards, notes, drawings, receipts, etc. Once the document has been scanned, it takes just one click to choose between several export formats: PDF, image (JPG, PNG), TXT, Word, or Excel. The text is recognized and becomes modifiable immediately thanks to IRIS’s OCR, which is world-renowned for its efficiency and accuracy!

The IRIScan Mouse Executive 2 : an all-in-one mouse scanner

Mouse scanner benefit #3 : A must-have for remote working or learning

The IRIScan Mouse Executive 2 is an essential computer accessory that goes everywhere with its user and provides many services every day. Whether the owner is working at home, at the office, or when travelling, the mouse scanner operates just the same as usual. Whether it’s for contracts, invoices, or even receipts, they can be scanned as you go…just a few clicks, and it’s done! Share your scans by email or directly in the Cloud. This mouse scanner will quickly become an essential tool in your daily life.

Want to know more about this cutting-edge tool that could boost your daily work? Check out our product page.

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