iriscan desk book scanner

A new generation of book scanners is born!

The IRIScan™ Desk, a brand new generation of book scanners, is finally here! Discover how this incredible technological gem will change the way you scan your books & magazines. But not only! This smart device scans any type of paper document up to A3 format. Interested? Read on!

A next generation book scanner

Scan up to double-page A4 books at the incredible speed of 3 seconds per scan (B&W). You can scan books & magazines in no time thanks to the IRIScan™ Desk‘s hands detection feature. This book scanner will start scanning automatically each time you turn a page! If you’re more confortable with using an external scan button, it’s also possible. Thanks to its image flattening algorithm, the IRIScan™ Desk delivers high quality images that you can easily modify (through OCR), archive or share.

The most efficient multi-documents scanner

The IRIScan™ Desk not only lets you scan books, you can use it to scan about any paper document: contracts, letters, proofs of payments, receipts, tickets,… Thanks to automatic cropping and edge correction, your files will look better than ever before. Place multiple documents below the IRIScan™ Desk, the book scanner will detect all borders and save your files separately / merge them, according to your needs.

Scan quickly without constraints

Tired of using flatbed scanners to scan bound documents? Disappointed by the end results? Frustrated by the damages done to your books while scanning them? All of this belongs to the past. Place your book below the book scanner’s camera, and the IRIScan™ Desk will digitize its content perfectly! It will automatically delete your fingers from the image, to provide you with the best results.

Create interactive videos

The IRIScan™ Desk family offers a brand new innovative feature: multi-camera video recording. Capture videos from you webcam AND the scanner’s camera simultaneously ! This lets you show a document’s content while showing your face/yourself at the sime time, on the same screen. It allows you to create smart interactive tutorials & e-learning content!

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