Cadan Assistive technology IRIS

Brand new partnership with Cadan Assistive Technologies

Today, our company IRIS (a Canon Company) is proud to announce that we have been referenced by Cadan Assistive Technologies, a company specialized in assistive technology products and devices.

IRIS has always seeked to improve the quality of life of its customers by reducing the time spent on tedious activities. With this new strong partnership, we are glad to assist Cadan Assistive Technologies in the education industry.

Cadan Assistive Technologies has been supporting the special needs community by providing assistive technology devices, alternative input devices, switches, amplified phones, augmentative devices, large keys and large print keyboards, Braille displays, and software for over 30 years.

We are happy to partner with Cadan Assistive Technologies in order to make the lives of people with special needs less difficult. Cadan Assistive Technologies now includes a range of IRIS’ products, for example: IRIScan Book, IRIScan Mouse, IRISPen Air and IRIScan Anywhere.

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