Real Estate Agencies and Dematerialization

Real Estate Agencies and Digital transformation

Digital transformation represents a crucial step for the real estate industry. Threatened by administrative sluggishness, upgrading their work tools has become a necessity for real estate agencies. The goal is to respond to the new constraints, such as widening the targets and the diversification of communication channels. The solution? Dematerialization of processes and document digitization. 

Digital transformation in the Real Estate Market

In the real estate industry, dematerialization does not stop with document digitization and the adoption of Zero Waste policies. It fits into a real digital transformation project aiming at more efficiency and speed, as well as a better capacity to exchange information.  

As such, this is as much about the productivity increase expected from digitization as well as from leading organizational change. Both factors are paramount to always stay one step ahead of competition, and to provide improved customer experience. 

Dematerialization for All Players in Real Estate  

For all real estate structures, big and small, field players… Dematerialization concerns all the actors on the market. Firstly, because it is essential to promote information accessibility and sharing in this type of decentralized organizations. Secondly, because dematerialization and digital transformation are related to all the challenges in this industry: 

    • Facilitate connections between agencies, owners, buyers, and tenants 
    • Increase productivity and service strategy
    • Add value to their expertise and stand out from the competition 

6 Good Reasons for Digital Transformation in Real Estate  


In the day-to-day management of your real estate agency, reducing paper and using cloud computing also means simplifying your processes and gain efficiency. By uploading and storing your information in digital format, you relieve yourself from ungratifying, tedious, and timeconsuming tasks. 


Improving collaboration with all the actors in a project and provide more transparency are both included in the requirements of dematerialization. By digitizing your reservation documents and contracts, you are sharing information with all the stakeholders: developers, realtors and agents, owners, buyers or tenants, solicitors… 


Real estate is a trade requiring mobility and reactivity in order to be able to respond to client’s requests in real time. By dematerializing your documents, you also dematerialize your office. Your work tools become mobile and agile?–?you can handle your files anywhere, at any time, in any format. 


Dematerialization and digital modeling of your documents reduce the risk of encoding errors and increase data reliability. As far as security and confidentiality are concerned, everything is saved and locked on both local and remote servers. This capacity to duplicate information also extends its lifetime and conservation. 


Say goodbye to your copier’s maintenance costs, huge paper orders and registered mail sendings. Dematerialization cuts down your printing costs and office supplies spending considerably. 

Social Responsibility 

Finally, dematerialization is crucial for social responsibility. Primarily, because it fits into a technological, economic and organizational value chain. Through its restructuring effect, it acts as a lever of change by facilitating collaborative work and business practices refocusing on usage. 

How to go about digital transformation ? 

As you will have noticed, action is required! Here are two good dematerialization habits to be implemented without delay: 


Acquire digitization software and a scanning solution to convert all your paper documents into digital formats on the fly?–?single page feed or high volume feed. Advanced functionalities: instant translation of your property descriptions, audio conversion of your expert reports, optical recognition (OCR) of your handwritten notes…  


Prioritize collaborative work and document optimization. Comments, corrections and audio annotations are a must. As well as high compression formats without quality loss. And, of course, electronic signature and password protection in order to sign and send your contracts electronically. 

Ready to dematerialize your real estate agency?
Check out IRIS’ software solutions for the real estate industry for successful data digitization of your data. 

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