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3 reasons why IRIS’ brand new portable scanners will increase your productivity

IRIS’ latest cutting-edge portable scanners have just been released. Those will definitely change the way you scanmanage and share documents. Don’t wait, just read on and discover why IRIS‘ new scanners will help you get productive in 2017!

1. IRIScan™ Book 5 is the world’s fastest book scanner

Whether you’re a student, a doctor, or an office worker, you may often need to scan a binded document. Magazines, books, newspapers, … their binding makes them hard to place in a flatbed scanner. Forget about this problem: IRIScan™ Book 5 scans any document, binded or not, in no time (2 secs max)! You can keep a digital trace of basically anything.

• Discover IRIScan™ Book 5 and IRIScan™ Book 5 Wifi 

Simply slide the portable scanner on the document – in 2 seconds max., it is scanned and appears on the preview screen! Thanks to its integrated rechargeable lithium battery, IRIScan™ Book 5 is incredibly light – just slip it into your handbag and carry it everywhere!

2. IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 is designed to scan on the go

Compact, autonomous and portable, the battery-powered IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 is the ideal device to scan when you’re on the move! It’s perfect to scan just about anything – it allows mobile users to capture documents, contracts, business cards, receipts,… without a computer.

Discover IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 and IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 Wifi

If you need to transfer the scanned files, you don’t even have to turn your computer on. Simply use IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 Wifi and its dedicated app: just sit back and watch your scans appear on any iOS or Android device screen (transfer via WiFi). As easy as A.B.C!

 IRIS’ new scanners include a first-class software suite: our conversion software Readiris™ to extract all contents displayed, as well as IRIScompressor™ to make your files 20 times smaller!

3. IRISNotes™ 3 converts any handwriting to digital text

During meetings or classes, IRISNotes™ 3 turns what you’re writing into editable digital text with great reliability. Its powerful handwriting recognition enables you to have a digital copy of all your notes. Those are stored in the receiver’s memory, ready to be later edited, shared and archived!

Discover IRISNotes™ 3 and IRISNotes™ Air 3

Export notes to your favorite word processor: Word, Notepad or to an Outlook email, to instantly share notes with colleagues! IRISNotes™ Air 3‘s app (iOS/Android) allows you to create memo-videos of your notes (while recording your voice). A must-have for e-learning courses!

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