30 anniversary IRIS

2017 marks IRIS’ 30th anniversary: a true success story!

This year, IRIS celebrates its 30th anniversary. Founded by Pierre De Muelenaere in 1987 (Louvain-la-Neuve), it has been growing steadily ever since. Let’s look back at some of our great achievements and celebrate IRIS‘ success!

From a PhD thesis to life-changing products

In 1981, Pierre De Muelenaere gratuated in microelectronics from the Catholic University of Louvain (with Great Distinction). He then started his PhD: During that time, he manufactured a revolutionary OCR machine prototype based on a fully integrated image recognition circuit, associated with softwares. He then founded IRIS in 1987 to sell this ground-breaking technology!

’90s: IRIS’ very first software & portable scanner

IRISPen vs IRISPen Air 7
IRISPen™ (1994) vs IRISPen™ Air 7 (current version)

In 1990, a first version of our flagship conversion software Readiris™ was released. In 1994, the company sold its first portable scanner: the IRISPen™ (pen scanner), marking the start of an innovative product range: IRIS‘ now internationally renowned Products & Technologies portfolio!

Discover our world renowned conversion software, Readiris™

2000s: a growing portfolio of cutting-edge scanners

Since the first IRISPen™,  IRIS‘ portfolio has never stopped evolving. Our product range goes from book scanners to business cards scanners. It is constantly being upgraded to integrate useful features for customers: portability, connectivity, innovative scanning mode, etc.

Discover our entire portfolio of portable scanners

2013: official start of the “Canon era”

In 2009, Canon invested a 17% stake in our company before making a public takeover bid in 2013. IRIS became the Information Management Competence Center for the Japanese group. While it belongs to Canon, IRIS stays an independent brand at the forefront of technological innovation!

2017: a company that continues to grow!

For the 6th consecutive year, IRIS is the #1 partner of leader in digitization solutions. Thanks to close to 100 active distributors with active sales in above 130 countries, we convinced more than 160,000 new users, or nearly 440 new users per day. This definitively confirms our #1 status in portable scanners & conversion software!

IRIS’ new partners: Office Depot and Darty (France), Redcoon and MediaMarkt & Satunr (Germany), Carrefour (Belgium), Vente-Privée.com (Europe), New Guppo Ufficio and Expert (Italy), Circuit City (Canada) and DESPEC (Turkey)

For more info about our company, visit our Corporate website !

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