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IRIS helps you thrive in a digital world: Less Paper, More Content

IRIS‘ products not only make you go paperless, they help you thrive in an increasingly digital world. Discover why below.

Less Paper…

Although some people call paper obsolete, we all use it on a daily basis. IRIS helps you make the most of those stacks of paper you use every day. By offering a wide range of portable scanners, IRIS attempts to meet any kind of scanning need! Our devices have high scanning resolutions and scan incredibly fast. Plus, their size is compact enough to slip into a handbag – perfect for people with a mobile lifestyle. Forget about your bulky flatbed scanner – the new era of scanning is here.

5 expert scanning tips you should use 
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> Why you should go paperless (infographic)

…More Content!

IRIS‘ software solutions (Readiris™, Cardiris™, IRISCompressor™) integrated in our portable scanners help you operate smart data capture and document management. They help you focus on content rather than anything else. Your documents are turned into searchable, editable files (Word, Excel, indexed PDFs, etc).  Those are even hyper-compressed to optimize your Cloud storage and file sharing. Our solutions will definitely boost your efficiency: edit, rearrange, share, archive, sort files quickly into batches… The possibilities are endless!

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