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5 types of documents you should always scan

Whether at work or at home, we are all dealing with all kinds of documents. Some are very important and should be archived, others may simply contain a few key information. Here is a short overview of documents you should always scan from now on!

Bills and invoices

For warranty or accounting reasons, it is often legally mandatory to keep traces of your invoices. Yet, who has never dealt with the loss of such documents? Who has never spent long minutes searching after old bills lost in the depths of a binder? By making a habit of scanning all your invoices and converting them to indexed PDFs, you will be sure to easily retrieve those very easily!


Whether it is professional contracts or private ones (for insurance or lease), it is essential to keep a digital copy of this type of documents. Just like invoices, you should take the time to scan those and convert them to indexed PDF files!


In the same way as invoices, you can use a cash receipt as warranty for your purchase. However, the ink used on these tickets sometimes has the disadvantage of fading out after a few months. In order to avoid this problem and to guarantee you keep a trace of these documents, it is highly recommended to scan them and keep digital copies!

User Guides

Whether it is for your TV or washing machine, it is quite useful to keep the user guides of devices. In order to avoid unnecessary clutter on your desk or on your shelves, it is possible to scan those documents and make them digital. That being said, you can often get a digital copy from the manufacturer’s website! Once you have it, simply convert the document to an indexed PDF format to make it easy to archive and retrieve!

Tax documents

For legal reasons, you have to keep certain documents such as salary slips or tax certificates for several years. It is totally unnecessary to pile them up and have messy stacks of documents. In some countries, it is even mandatory to have digital copies. Do not postpone this task before you have to complete your tax return! Get into the habit of scanning  documents as soon as you get them so that this process becomes easy when the time comes!

To conclude…

No matter what kind of document you need to keep, the best way to archive them is to scan them and convert them to indexed PDF format. This way, it is extremely simple to store them and find them on the day you need them!

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