World Paper Free Day 2016 is today – Discover how IRIS can help you go paperless!

Today, October the 25th, we are observing World Paper Free Day – the perfect occasion to reflect on how to reduce the amount of paper we all use everyday, at work or at home. Innovative solutions exist to avoid waste, including those offered by IRIS. Time to go paperless !

At IRIS, we know a thing or two about paper (and how to avoid it). As worldwide leader in mobile scanning and OCR solutions (for almost 30 years!), we are constantly on the lookout for ways to help people go paperless. Our portable scanners come in handy for users willing to get rid of paper and be more eco-friendly. Moreover our OCR software, Readiris™, makes archiving documents smart and easy. IRIS is definitely contributing to create a Paper Free world !

About 70 to 85 kg of paper are consumed per year per employee (source ADEME), or about 3 reams per month, making it the first office consumable: it represents ¾ of the tonnage of waste produced by business related activities. Yet a few tips and tricks can help you avoid consuming such big amounts of paper, whether at home or in business. A lot of individuals and businesses are already equipped with material to go paperless, including technology made by IRIS.

In fact, IRIS has been selling its products to more than 30 millions customers. Among them, you can find public organizations (Ministries, European Union, etc.), international companies, local businesses and many households. Those are now equipped to optimize their archiving processes and avoid using piles of paper on a daily basis. This has been our goal for years and will remain our priority : help our customers get paperless !

Are you interested in a paper-free lifestyle ? Don’t wait any longer :

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