PDF compressor: 3 reasons you should have one

PDF compressor: 3 reasons you should have one

Why do you need a good quality PDF compressor? Well, who has ever found themselves in the awkward situation of having to say, “I’m sending you the files in separate e-mails because they’re too big”? Don’t miss out on being efficient any longer!

  1. Keep your files easily accessible

    On all our computers, space is at a premium. In the digital world as much as in real life, optimising storage is paramount. Fed up of carrying memory sticks full of ‘important yet very big’ files? There’s no need to buy a new hard drive: you can store your precious documents directly on your computer, so they’ll be accessible and shareable in a click. Who could ask for more?

  2. Don’t waste your time with free online compressors

    How many free online compressors have you tried only to end up being disappointed? Common problems include the deterioration of content, non-compatibility with different PDF versions, incessant advertising, lack of security, complicated interfaces, sharing problems and more. Free yourself from all these problems!

  3. No more going without quality images

    Whether at home or at the office, we’ve all had to give up on a high quality image and use an inferior one. Why not say goodbye to excessively long loading times and fruitless attempts at sharing? A good compression software package allow you to convert your biggest images into PDF files up to 20 times smaller than your original file, while flawlessly maintaining its original appearance.

“Where exactly does the famous PDF come from?”

PDF (Portable Document Format) was created in 1993 by Adobe. It is specifically designed to protect the original layout of any file, irrespective of the software, operating system and computer hardware used. In other words, it’s designed to render your nomadic file intact and accessible, and the PDF compressor is the vital accessory for this genuine mobility.

A high quality compressor means saving time and money

Choosing a PDF compressor is one thing, but be sure to make it a quality one! What should you look for? Which functionalities make all the difference?

  • Choose on that suits your needs: files up to 20 times smaller or 50 times smaller for Professional versions
  • Choose a compressor with no loss of visual quality
  • Favour a PDF compressor that includes an image compressor
  • Favour a compressor with built-in indexing and easy viewing of compressed PDFs
  • Consider a multilingual compressor

Discover Iris’ PDF compressor: an ingenious product within everyone’s reach!

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