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The ultimate digital pen to write your love letter on Valentine’s Day!

The digital pen IRISNotes has all the features of a standard pen. It has a big advantage though: it is able to digitize your handwriting on a computer. A great creative tool, perfect for writing your love letter on Valentine’s day – among other things!

A digital pen accessible for all

The IRISNotes is a digital pen anyone can afford. Whether you’re a student or a worker, this tool will easily fit into your everyday life. Course notes, recaps of meetings, letters… All your notes can be directly saved in digital text (Word, email, ..). Just click on “Convert” once back home. It’s a great creative tool for sharing your feelings on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day!

Digitize handwritten notes, drawings and graphics

While it recognizes your handwriting, the digital pen IRISNotes also recreates shapes, drawings and even graphics (Yes, it will most likely be able to recognize the heart symbols you’re drawing for your lover!). Once digitized, your handwritten notes can easily be modified and improved. Let your imagination run wild; thanks to the IRISNotes, your creativity has no limit.

Recognition in more than 20 languages

IRISNotes is a perfect choice for international environments, and simply for people speaking multiple languages. This digital pen is indeed able to recognize 22 languages ??(including Arabic and Chinese). Confess your undying love to someone by writing a letter in any language you want on February 14th.

Are you interested in such cutting-edge technology? Is a digital pen something that’s missing in your daily life? Then, please, make sure to visit the IRISNotes 3’s web page for more information:
> Discover everything the IRISNotes 3 can do!

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