Readiris 15

How can Readiris 15 help you go paperless?

Readiris™ 15 is an optical character recognition software (OCR) used by millions of people worldwide. Besides its ability to convert any image or paper document into fully editable digital files, Readiris is a proven powerful tool to help you go paperless.

Let’s discover how!

1. Readiris™ can control any scanner

A paperless life always starts by purchasing a scanner. This mandatory tool will let you convert your documents into images that will be transformed into searchable PDF files optimized for archiving.

Readiris™ features a scanning module that will let you import your documents from any scanner without using any third party acquisition software.

In other words, forget about using different software, Readiris™ is an « all-in-one » solution! Furthermore, Readiris™’ scanning module is TWAIN compatible, meaning that it will work with any scanner .

2. Readiris™ converts your documents into searchable PDF files

Readiris™ lets you convert your documents into a lot of different formats (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Text,…).

When you archive a large amount of documents (as will be the case if you decide to go Paperless), it is useful to be able to retrieve any piece of information within their content instantly using keyword searching.

In order to make this feature possible, simply select the “PDF image-text” format in the export list. Readiris™ will extract the text from your original document and import it in a new PDF file. It will then be possible to perform a research within the content using any file explorer’s search function..

3. Readiris™ compresses your PDF up to 20 times while retaining excellent without sacrificing image quality

Your paperless life will make you scan and store a lot of PDF files which requires an increasing (and expensive) storage space and allowing for easier sharing of files over local or wide area networks.

In order to optimize the size of your files, Readiris™ features an exclusive compression technology (iHQC™) that will lower the size of your PDF files while maintaining the quality of the original source.

Depending on the version you choose, Readiris™ can compress your files up to 20 times.

4. Readiris™ exports your files in the cloud

Today’s cloud hosting solutions let you easily access your documents whenever and wherever you are using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Readiris™ lets you automatically export your files to leading cloud providers (Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Box, SharePoint and Therefore).

In order to use these services, you will first have to subscribe with one of these providers (they often offer free accounts). Once you receive a login and password, it is very easy to setup Readiris™ in order to automatically upload your converted PDF files in the cloud.

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