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Mother Language Day: Here’s how Readiris can help for language learning

Today, February 21st, is Mother Language Day 2018! IRIS supports efforts to promote awareness around language diversity. Almost all of IRIS’ solutions are multilingual. For example, here’s how a software like Readiris can be of great help for language learning!

“Optical Character Recognition” in a few words

OCR” is the abbreviation of “Optical Character Recognition”. It’s basically the process where an image captured of a document is converted to editable text. An OCR software is able to recognize & digitize a wide range of characters (in various fonts, sizes, shapes). It will then make those 100% digital!

Highly accurate recognition of 130 languages

Readiris (OCR software) uses proprietary dictionaries in more than 130 languages (Latin, Asian languages, Arabic, Hebrew,…). As a first-class software, its engine recognition is highly accurate. Any document becomes editable (in Word, Excel, etc). A great productivity booster for language learners: No more wasting time transcribing everything!

Any text instantly read aloud to you!

Readiris converts any image or PDF to an audio file. You can then instantly listen to any of your text document, just by using a standard audio reader! It’s an incredibly useful feature if you’re learning words’ pronunciation, or if you’re trying to avoid long hours of reading.

Limitless editing of documents

Do you ever wish you could edit printed documents? Maybe you’ve just seen seen a typo or mistake and want to modify it? These are very common issues for any language learner. All you have to do is: scan & process it in Readiris. The document’s text, whatever the language it’s written in, will be made fully accessible to you.

Are you curious about this powerful software, useful for learning languages? Want more information? Have a look at Readiris’ complete list of features now!

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