iriscan executive 4

Here is our new duplex portable scanner: IRIScan™ Executive 4

It’s the perfect portable scanning tool for freelancers, small and large companies or medical and law practices.

IRIScan™ Executive 4 is an uncompromising vision of portable scanning with the power of a high-resolution duplex scanner.

IRIScan™ Executive 4 is not only an extremely light (200 gr.) and compact (30 cm de long) portable scanner. It’s an uncompromising vision of portable scanning, made to fit the constraints of today’s mobile world. Using IRIScan™ Executive 4 will bring you the power of a traditional desktop scanner without the congestion.
From receipts, invoices or business cards to letters, photos or paperwork, IRIScan™ Executive 4 scans all your documents on both sides in a snap (up to 8 pages per minute). Thanks to its duplex and high resolution (600 dpi) image sensor doubled with an advanced document format detection, IRIScan™ Executive 4 always produces high quality scans no matter in color or black and white.

In order to make scanning tasks even easier and fast, IRIScan™ Executive 4 was fitted with a smart button that proposes a unique interaction method. You will now be able to launch any scanning process with one single click, no matter how complex it is. Using this feature will let you easily perform tasks like sending a letter by email, archiving invoices in a folder or create multi-page PDF documents. Furthermore, the provided button manager software will let you configure up to 9 different processes.

IRIScan™ Executive 4 is provided with a powerful software suite that will bring you all the tools you need to edit and use the information contained in your paper documents:

  • Readiris™ Corporate 14: This is the most popular Optical Character Recognition software on the planet. It lets you convert any scanned document, PDF or image file to an editable digital file (Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, etc.) in no time.
  • Cardiris™ Corporate: This powerful business card recognition software lets you convert any business card to a contact file you can use in popular contact managers such as Outlook, ACT!, etc.

Yves Halleux, IRIS P&T Purchasing & Marketing Director, commented:

“We are very pleased to welcome this new IRIScanTM Executive 4 duplex in our large product range of portable scanners.”

It definitely completes our portable scanning offer in the best way. Freelancers or small and medium companies who are looking for a thrifty, easy to use solution will appreciate this scanner for its ability to capture, index and archive the large amount of information they have to manage every day.
This advanced scanning solution (portable, duplex, color, 8 PPM), coupled with a unique software suite (400€ value), is sold 169 EUR incl. VAT. It simply position this scanner as the master-shopping for business customers as well as nomad users ».

Bernard de Fabribeckers, IRIS P&T Sales Director, adds the following “This new reference in the « Personal Mobile Scanner” category should allow us to strengthen our position as World Wide leader in 2016. Be sure that IRIS will continue to innovate with such exceptional innovations in 2016 ! ».

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