IRIScan Desk Camera Scanner

IRIS announces upcoming availability of the IRIScan Desk scanner

IRIS is currently expanding its ambitious portable scanners portfolio, with the upcoming launch of the IRIScan™ Desk family. A brand new camera scanner that looks like a desk lamp, yet offers so much more!

Sneak peak at the brand new IRIScan™ Desk family

The IRIScan™ Desk camera scanner could be mistaken with a lamp, however it is much more powerful than that. It is in fact a cutting-edge camera scanner. Thanks to this brand new scanner, you can scan each page of your books, magazines, leaflets,.. in a snap.

Simply turn the pages under the IRIScan™ Desk: its built-in camera automatically detects your movement and scans each page of the document. Moreover, it automatically removes your fingers positioned at the edge of these pages. Finally a scanner that makes it possible to create digital books quickly!

Its built-in OCR (character recognition) engine allows you to extract all texts and save your documents in indexed PDF, Word, Excel,… For all these reasons, the IRIScan™ Desk will be a great companion, placed at the corner of your office, to achieve even greater efficiency!

IRIScan™ Desk 5 camera scanner

We just won ‘Best Peripherals & Accessories vendor’ award at DISTREE EMEA.
A great recognition for our cutting-edge scanners!

IRIScan™ Desk family: specifications

This new scanner family includes two different scanners: the IRIScan Desk™ 5, for A4 documents, and the IRIScan™ Desk 5 Pro, that works for A3 documents. Here are some of the features available for both scanners:

Truly portable design: Lightweight and with a flexible arm design. Making it ideal to use at home or the office or while traveling
USB Powered: Plug and play, no need for external power adapter.
One click scanning: the scan takes a few seconds only (1,5 sec).
Self timer shooter: Automatically scan after setting the shooting interval time to 3/5 or 7 seconds.
Video capture: Record a video showing both your webcam and the page displayed by the camera scanner. Ideal for e-learning / the digital classroom!
Automatic detection of documents: just place any document on the scanning mat and it will be automatically detected and cropped.
Digitize books in a blink: export to an .Epub or .PDF format before reading them directly in your favorite electronic reader.

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