Back to school portable scanners

Back-to-School tips: How portable scanners can make your life easier!

Back-to-school season means transitions & new challenges! You’re either starting a new year in high school, college, university,… Or you might be getting ready for a new job. One thing is for sure: you need some new supplies & gadgets to be fully prepared. Here’s how portable scanners can make your life easier during this stressful time! (more…)

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Sapins de Noël "Do It Yourself"

DIY Paper Christmas Tree tips (or how to give waste paper a second life!)

What could you do with all those old paper sheets piling up on your desk? You could scan those, of course – easy as ABC with IRIS’ scanners. What you can also do is: get extra creative and start creating your own little DIY Christmas trees! It’s a great and simple way to give a second life to your bulky stacks of waste paper. Here’s a small tutorial inspired by artsy French blogger, Anna Pika. Read more to get into the Christmas spirit! (more…)

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