Discover the brand new Readiris™ 16 software family

Louvain-la-Neuve, November 2nd, 2016 – IRIS  is very pleased to announce the worldwide release of its brand new Readiris™ 16 OCR software family ! In a nutshell, Readiris™ is a software suite designed to convert your documents (scans, images, PDFs, etc.) in editable files (Word, Excel, etc.) or even searchable PDFs. Interested by this efficiency booster ? Discover its new features now !  (more…)

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The five best cloud storage providers

This really nice article found on ranks the top 5 cloud storage providers available today. Cloud hosting is a great way to have all your files available on any of your precious devices (smartphones, tablets, computer,etc.) wherever and whenever you are! The time when you used to carry all your paper documents with you is over!

Readiris OCR software makes it very easy to scan and convert your paper documents in searchable PDF files and automatically exports it in the cloud of your choice.
Dropbox, Google Drive & Onedrive is on the top of Lifehacker’s list. And guess what.. Readiris is compatible with all of them!

It’s time to go paperless guys!

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