Sapins de Noël "Do It Yourself"

Sapins de Noël « Do It Yourself », ou comment donner une seconde vie à vos feuilles de papier!

Que faire de vos tonnes de vieux papiers qui s’empilent et encombrent votre bureau? Vous pourriez les scanner, bien sûr (un jeu d’enfant avec les scanners IRIS). Ou vous pouvez choisir d’être créatif en cette période festive et créer vos propres sapins de Noël « Do It Yourself »! C’est un excellent moyen de donner une seconde vie à vos piles de paperasses en tous genres. Voici un petit tutoriel inspiré par la blogueuse française Anna Pika. De quoi se mettre vraiment dans l’ambiance de Noël!  (suite…)

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Searching for information

Searching for information in the era of information overload: a few tips!

Information overload – have you ever heard about it ? It’s a quite common phenomenon (especially for office workers) : we’re dealing with way too much data & information. Emails, attachments, scans… You’re probably dealing with dozens of these on a daily basis.

The main challenge is to stay organized and still be able to retrieve information quickly. But that is an increasingly difficult task, due to the massive amount of information we all receive & send. Here are a few tips to avoid drowning in data and, consequently, wasting time! (suite…)

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Spring Cleaning at Work IRIS

Spring cleaning at work: tips to keep a clutter-free desk

Spring is here! Sun is shining, flowers are blooming – perfect time to have a fresh start at work! Spring cleaning your work space is crucial if you want to get productive. Ideally, spring cleaning shouldn’t be a once-a-year task (and a daunting one!). You should rather learn new habits to be organized – and ultimately turn it into a lifestyle. Here’s a few tips to get started.  (suite…)

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Social media IRIS

IRIS’ social media pages – Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin!

Social Media is a great way to find out what is going on with IRIS (latest products, events, productivity tips & tricks, etc), so if you have your own accounts, make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to keep up to date with us!

Here are IRIS’ social media accounts :

> Facebook : IRIS, A Canon Company
> Twitter : IRIS_OCR
> Linkedin : IRIS Portable Scanners & Conversion Software

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